Are You A Web Bot?

Did you know that about 60% of visitors on websites are bots?

According to an article on, only 38.5 percent of the traffic to web sites is from humans. The rest of the online visits are “non-human” traffic, like search engines, scrapers, hacking tools, spammers, and other impersonators. Looking at the web bots, about half of the bots visiting websites are, in theory, “good” bots that claim to enhance the users internet surfing. The other half are what you need to be concerned about. Those can be spammers, malicious hackers, bots that replicate your content somewhere else or bots that leave bogus comments on your blog pages in an attempt to get in front of your readers.

Incapsula reported that overall bot traffic was up 21 percent over the past year, but that the number of “good bots” is growing while “bad bots” are on the decline, particularly from those which specialize in posting spam comments.  I still receive over 100 per week here.

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