How To Take Care Of Your Home

How many times have you needed some help fixing an problem in your house, called in an expert and then thought… “I could have done that”?How many times has trouble showed up and you thought “who do I call”?



When it comes to major repairs, especially where water and electrical are concerned, I’m calling in the pros and it’s a great idea to have an list handy for emergencies.¬† I actually enjoy handling the ‘little things’ on my own and I don’t mind saving a dollar or two along the way.

As in the following article¬† from This Old House explains, there is quite a few additional skills to really enjoying home ownership (or just living in an home). I recommend that you take a look at 47 Skills You Need to Survive Homeownership¬† and “Don’t get caught with your toolbelt down”! Some great tips, advice and answers to some of those questions you may have (that may not have been addressed in the 1947 edition of How To Take Care Of Your Home).

47 Skills You Need to Survive Homeownership


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