Market Update

Over the past couple of months I have had quite a few requests, from home owners, for pricing opinions. I thought I would share some of the basic trends around Los Angeles County with you all here.

You have already heard that home values are on the rise and that interest rates are changing. If you are considering re-financing, selling, buying or just want to know how much your home might be worth… I am your resource for information and really enjoy reports for you!


Rough Market Snapshot

The Median Estimated Home Value in the State of California is currently $324,930, up 4.52% over the last month and 19.42% over the last 12 months. Here are a few local areas, contact me for specific info.

Area Median Estimated Home Value Change Over Last month Change Over Last 12 Months
Westchester $666,110 8.50% 5.71%
Culver City $546,000 8.37% 24.27%
Venice $1,154,000 8.54% 21.09%
Palms $668,000 9.68% 12.08%
Burbank $545,000 3.41% 14.53%
Belmont   Heights* $650,310 4.21% 17.91%



Data provided by Realtors Property Resource® and information is believed to be accurate. *Belmont Heights refers to CRMLS Area 2 (includes Bluff Park & Alamitos Heights).

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